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If you purchase and attend Doggy Weekend 2023 you must agree to be bound by these conditions of membership and sale.

  1. All attendees must be 18 or over on the first day of the event. If an attendee cannot prove beyond doubt at the venue they are at this minimum age, they will not be granted entry and no refunds, full or partial, will be issued.

  2. Valid, physical, in-date, photo ID must be presented upon arriving at the event. Failing to provide this at registration pick-up will lead you to be refused entry and/or collection of your event accreditation.

  3. Our venues reserve the right to require attendees to present their legal ID at their discretion.

  4. By purchasing Doggy Weekend 2023 tickets, you give your consent to Big Red Bone Ltd to collect certain information about yourself (name, picture, date of birth, address, etc.) for verification and storage.

  5. We strive to ensure the correctness of our website, ticket description, and event listings. However, this cannot be guaranteed. We reserve the right to cancel, alter, or move any activity or listed element of the tickets.

  6. We reserve the right to cancel your registration or refuse access to any Doggy Weekend 2023 event or activity.

  7. We regret that we are unable to offer exchanges, transfers, or refunds, except in very exceptional circumstances at the full discretion of Big Red Bone Ltd.

  8. Neither Big Red Bone Ltd, or any of the venues where Doggy Weekend 2023 takes place, will be responsible for circumstances beyond reasonable control (including, but not limited to, acts of God, governmental authority, acts of war, or acts of terrorism) that make it illegal or impossible to hold the event. In these cases, Big Red Bone Ltd reserves the right to cancel any or all events without warning.

  9. In the circumstances that any events are cancelled due to a valid impossibility occurrence, refunds will be settled if possible and at the discretion of Big Red Bone ltd.

  10. Doggy Weekend 2023 is a private members event. All registrations made through our system are reviewed by us manually. We reserve the right to refuse your registration for any reason after you have purchased a ticket. In these circumstances, and these circumstances alone, you will be fully refunded for the price of the ticket.

  11. The convention badge is your accreditation and ticket to all Doggy Weekend 2023 events. Your convention badge must be visible at all times whilst you are attending any Doggy Weekend 2023 events.

  12. Attendees may not sell, transfer, or share their convention badges. Attendees found wearing falsified convention badges and/or sharing or swapping convention badges shall be required to leave, and will incur a ban from all future events.

  13. Your convention badge remains the property of Big Red Bone Ltd. We reserve the right to demand you to return the badge to us due in case of breaches of the Code of Conduct or any other reason given by Big Red Bone Ltd.

  14. Exclusive Doggy Weekend Items (e.g. T-Shirt, Bandanas, etc) given are gifts awarded in recognition of your support for the event. Gift items are subject to change if circumstances dictate. In the event of faults developing with these gifts Big Red Bone Ltd. will only be able to replace them whilst existing stocks last unless responsibility is assumed by the supplier. Replacements will not be issued for damage caused by normal wear and tear.

  15. Big Red Bone Ltd. is not liable or responsible for any items of personal property left in event spaces. Any item you leave in these spaces is done so at your own risk.

  16. Doggy Weekend 2023 is a members club. Membership of Doggy Weekend 2023 is included as part of every registration, beginning on the date that your registration is fully paid, and ending on the 31st March the following calendar year.

  17. By registering for this event you acknowledge that photographs and filming may take place. Big Red Bone Ltd reserves the right to use images and videos recorded at the event with your photograph and/or likeness in future marketing materials, including social media channels, websites, print material, publicity, general display or advertising. This includes but is not limited to publication on social media, web sites and promotional items. We will not obtain any further approval from you or make any payment to you. If you do not wish your photograph to be taken at an event please notify the photographer at the time and we will take reasonable endeavours to comply with your request.

  18. Attendees will:
    (a) observe the rules, policies and procedures of the event venues including in relation to health and safety and any reasonable instructions issued by the staff and volunteers representing Big Red Bone Ltd;
    (b) behave in a respectful and appropriate way that does not breach any laws or regulations, and not risk bringing the event or Big Red Bone Ltd into disrepute;
    (c) ensure they have appropriate and adequate insurance for their own requirements, including personal accident and travel insurance, prior to attending; and
    (d) if appropriate, ensure they have all necessary documentation, including but not limited to visas and other entry permits into the country where the event is held, and that they comply with all health formalities and any applicable laws.

  19. You agree that your travel to and attendance at Doggy Weekend 2023 is at your own risk and not the responsibility of Big Red Bone Ltd.

  20. Other than Sponsors and registered Dealers, attendees are not permitted to conduct business (e.g. selling commissions, artworks, or products) within the event venues. Participants observed conducting business may be ejected from the event.

  21. In all cases of disputes between the attendee and Big Red Bone Ltd, the decision of the latter will be deemed final.

  22. Big Red Bone Ltd reserves the right to make changes to this agreement. Major changes to this agreement will be notified to you via your email address. Minor variations e.g. to correct typographical errors will not send out updates.

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