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Here are some frequently-asked questions from attendees.

Do I need ID?

Yes. All attendees must present valid, legal, in-date, physical ID at registration, and upon entry into certain venues. The venues reserve the right to check ID on entry, especially if you look young. You may find it easier to just keep your ID with you over the weekend.


Do I have to be over eighteen?

Yes. You must be eighteen or over to attend all events at Doggy Weekend. If your birthday is on or before the 3rd of November 2005, you can attend.

Do I have to be male-presenting?

No. All the events run by DoggyWeekend are open to all genders and gender presentations, even in venues which usually have more specific requirements.

Can I refund my ticket?

Unfortunately tickets can't be refunded.

Are your venues accessible?

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Tickets are non-transferrable.

Do you offer day tickets?

We do not offer tickets for specific days only. Our Steel tag includes access to every days basic events.

Can I buy a ticket at the door?

No, unfortunately all tickets must be sold in advance, through our website.

Can non-dogs come?

Absolutely! The event is open to everyone, be they pup or simply pup-curious.

Can I buy the doggy brunch seperately?

Unfortunately for logistics reasons we don't offer a separate brunch upgrade anymore. Brunch is included with Gold or Platinum tag tickets.

Will Animalz tickets be sold seperately?

Depending on availability, Animalz-only tickets will be available separately and can be purchased on the Animalz website here.

How can I volunteer?

Great question, we're always looking for people to help out! Visit our volunteer page here to find out more.

I've heard a rumours the admin team are all sluts?

Yeah, probably!

Can I upgrade my ticket later?

This may be possible, please contact @TheHelpingPaw on telegram.

Who let the dogs out?

Us. We did. Sorry Not Sorry.

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